Pastoral Team

Reverend Jeffrey Lye

Reverend Jeffrey Lye, now in his twenty-third year of Christ's ministry, has served in different roles. He has been a pastor at Queenstown Baptist Church (QBC), a Chaplain at Helping Hand, and a Chinese Congregation Pastor at Eternal Life Baptist Church. This diverse experience has enriched his understanding of different congregations and his commitment to serving the community.

Reverend Lye's natural, joyful spirit is a beacon of light. Most people describe him as not just 'the life of the party,' but as someone who brings joy and positivity to every interaction. His gentle, loving, and fatherly people skills are a testament to his character, and he is well-regarded in his family's pastoral counselling and care.

Reverend Lye's Mission for God is a testament to his unwavering dedication. His calling to serve people in the marketplace and prison is not just a job, but a deeply rooted empathy for the underprivileged and lost. He received a vision from God to be the humbled Sparrow who lived out God's love, humanity, and humility.

Reverend Lye is married to Mona Foong. They have Mathilda, their daughter; Brindle, their pet dog; Mochi, their cat; and an aquarium of tropical fishes. They all live happily together as one big family.