Our History

Like virtually every church, Shelter Baptist Church began much earlier than its formal constitution on 25th April 1987.

Her early history can be traced to a group of Christian guys who were working at the Telecommunication Authority of Singapore then. Feeling the need for spiritual renewal, they invited a total of eleven colleagues and friends for a retreat at the Golden Sands Baptist Assembly in Port Dickson, West Malaysia. That happened in July 1978. As a result of a life-changing spiritual experience at the retreat, the pre-believers accepted Jesus as their Lord and the whole group returned to Singapore with a renewed sense of vigor and commitment. It resulted in the formation of Shelter Fellowship.

Soon the group outgrew the space of a member’s home and they began using the premises of Cherith Baptist Church for fellowship. The first official meeting was held in November 1978. Over a period of some years, under the guidance of a Southern Baptist missionary couple, the group kept growing and became increasingly a part of Cherith Baptist Church. Baptized members of Shelter Fellowship became members of the church.

Then in March 1984, Shelter’s leaders and members met to deliberate on the matter of becoming an independent church. After much counsel, prayer and preparation, it was finally decided in December 1985 that Shelter become a new church.

With the blessings of Cherith Baptist Church and the approval of the Registrar of Societies, Shelter Baptist Church was born on 25th April 1987. Thirty-nine brothers and sisters in Christ had the honour and privilege of being Shelter’s charter members.