Join Our Service

Planning a visit? Read our FAQs to learn more!

A Typical Shelter Service

Our worship service is usually 80-90 minutes, with four parts:

Announcements – We take a few minutes to say hello, share information about what’s going on at Shelter and what events are coming up. (approximately 10 minutes)

Music – Together we stand and sing songs of worship and praise to God. The words are onscreen. (approximately 25 minutes)

Message – One of our pastoral team or a guest speaker will share a message. (approximately 30-40 minutes)

Close – We finish the service with singing and a blessing. If you’d like someone to pray for you, you can come the front when the service is over. (approximately 10 minutes)

Our services always start on time, but if you’re running late, you can still enter and an usher will help you find a seat. If you come with other people, we will help you sit together.

What To Wear

There’s no formal dress code at Shelter. Most people attend our meetings in informal, modest and comfortable clothing.


There is plenty of parking at Midview City and it is free on Saturdays and Sundays.


During each service there is an opportunity to give financially to the work of the church. Giving can be made through online banking or putting a cheque or cash into the offering box. A QR code will be displayed onscreen to direct you to the online site. Giving is a joyful privilege. If you are a visitor, please do not feel compelled to give if you are not comfortable to do so.

Lord's Supper

On the first Sunday of the month, we participate in the Lord’s Supper together during the service. This is a way we remember and celebrate the new life we have through the death and resurrection of Jesus. We eat a small piece of wafer or bread and drink small cups of grape juice which symbolise the body and blood of Jesus. Baptised believers participate in this communion while those who are not baptised believers observe and appreciate the meaning of it without partaking of the bread and juice.

Children In Church

If you have children two years and older who’d like to join in our activities, find out more here. Otherwise, your children are very welcome to join the main service.

A cradle room is available for children under two years old. You can supervise your children there while watching the service on TV.

After The Service

If you’d like to meet people and get connected with Shelter, you can leave your contact information with an usher. A pastor or church member will get in touch during the week. We serve free coffee and milo after the service if you’d like to stay and meet people.